University of Split

As a predominant scientific and teaching public institution in the region, the University of Split (UNIST) has expanded during the course of the past 30 years to include eleven Faculties, one Academy of Arts and four University Departments. UNIST, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers programs for future preschool, elementary and secondary school teachers. The teacher preparation programs at UNIST implement the idea that there is a specific body of knowledge for working with children with special education needs that has to be adequately covered during teacher preparation. This body of knowledge includes an understanding of the socio-cultural factors that produce individual differences, specialist knowledge about disability and children’s learning needs, awareness of educational and social issues that can affect children’s learning, partnership among parents and teachers of children with special needs, and so on. The UNIST team members have practical skills in carrying out comprehensive assessments in the field of education. They have proven skills in designing, planning and implementing policy instruments in the field of education including development of standards, indicators and other relevant analytical tools. Furthermore, the UNIST team members are experienced in research on inclusive practices in education, and classroom management strategies.

  •   Livanjska ul. 5, 21000, Split, Croatia
  •   Ivana Batarelo Kokić
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