The project’s specific objectives are:

  •   Review research literature on the national and European policies and reports related to school violence and discipline
  •   Review research literature on evidence-based practices of school prevention and SWPBS effectiveness
  •   Conduct a needs assessment survey in order to identify student behavioral needs
  •   Adapt elements (practices, systems, data) of the SWPBS framework in a culturally responsive manner in each country context
  •   Conduct teacher training on culturally relevant elements of SWPBS(practices, systems, data)
  •   Support elementary schools in implementing SWPBS elements


The TaSDi-PBS consortium pursues all of the above through the following specific activities:

  •   Methodological framework and evidence-based practices on school discipline
  •   Development of instructional guide on schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports
  •   Professional development teacher guide on direct social skill instruction
  •   Development of modules on effective classroom management
  •   Assessment tools for decision-based making
  •   Implementation reports and case studies on SWPBS
  •   School Violence and discipline ecosystem map and gap analysis