Tackling School Discipline Issues with Positive Behavior Support

About The Project

The number of students with diverse academic and behavioural needs included in general education classrooms has been increasing significantly over time. Students who lack behind academically are often likely to exhibit socio-emotional and behavioral issues. Preventing school failure and promoting a socially inclusive schoolwide framework is the focus of this European-funded ERASMUS+ KA2 project.


A critical review of literature will take place in order to gather all available data reagrading the status of school violence across European countries. Once the research phase is completed, the collective report with information on School Violence- Status and Gap Analysis and Evidence-based Practises on School Violence will be made available here.


As part of the TaSDi-PBS project, we will develop an eLearning environment where users will be able to find course information and material, participate in learning activities, and use assessment tools to evaluate their performance. The courses will include job aids, notes, case studies, diagrams, and material that can easily be adapted to local contexts. The will be in the form of brief lessons, with practical tips, and videos, with a YouTube channel, focusing on promoting SWPBS in Europe.


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